U turn (A reversal; Turn 180 degrees)
Ugly duckling (Something that isn’t attractive at first but is very attractive later)
Uncle Sam (The United States Government)
Under a cloud of suspicion (Widely suspected)
Under fire (Receiving criticism)
Under lock and key (Protected; Very safe)
Under the bus (Receiving the blame or fallout for something bad)
Under the radar (Undetected)
Under the table (Unreported earnings)
Under way (Currently happening)
Under your belt (In your past experience)
Under your skin (Irritate or annoy you)
Under your thumb (Under your control or strong influence)
Up and coming (Gaining recognition and showing promise)
Up for grabs (Unclaimed, or still available)
Up in the air (Undetermined; Undecided)
Up shit creek (In big trouble; A situation with no solution)
Up the ante (Raise the cost or risk)
Up the creek (In big trouble; A situation with no solution)
Up to my neck (I’m fully immersed in activity)
Up to par (Up to normal, or Up to standard)
Up to speed (Fully informed, or Fully operational)
Upchuck (Vomit)
Upper crust (Upper class)
Upper hand (An advantageous position)
Upset the apple cart (Cause problems with the schedule or planned activities of an organization)

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