Tackling an issue (Solving or working on a problem)
Take a chance (Try something despite the likelihood of failure)
Take a dive (Intentionally lose, usually because of a bribe)
Take a hike (Go away)
Take a nosedive (Go into a rapid decline)
Take a punch (Endure setbacks without quitting)
Take a rain check (Postponing the acceptance of an offer or invitation until a more convenient time)
Take it for granted (Not adequately appreciating somebody or something you have)
Take it in stride (Accepting good and bad developments as part of the overall experience)
Take no prisoners (Deal ruthlessly with the opposition; stop at nothing to get what you want)
Take the fall (Accept the consequences for something even if it wasn’t your fault)
Take the fifth (Refuse to say something that might make you look guilty)
Take the floor (Speak before a crowd)
Take the heat (Accept the criticism)
Take the plunge (Do something that you were reluctant to do for awhile; To marry)
Take them to task (Reprimand or criticize them)
Take your breath away (To overwhelm with wonder, beauty, or grandeur)
Take your hat off (To congratulate or complement)
Taking flak (Receiving criticism)
Talk is cheap (It’s easy to say you can or will do something when you don’t have to actually do it)
Talk turkey (Discuss business)
Talking shop (Discuss your work when you’re not at work)
Tall drink of water (A tall person)
Tall order (Something that will be difficult to produce or do)
Taste of your own medicine (Bad treatment from others similar to how you treat them)
Tell me
Tell me the truth
Testing the waters (Trying something new to see how well it is accepted)
Thank God!
Thank heaven!
Thank you
Thank your lucky stars
Thanks a lot
That doesn’t hold water
That doesn’t make sense
That dog won’t hunt (That argument won’t work)
That ship has sailed (It’s too late)
That speaks volumes (That tells me a lot)
That sucks! (That’s bad)
That will be a cold day in hell (It will never happen)
That’s a bit much (Unreasonable; beyond what I can accept or believe)
That’s a bunch of crap (That’s not true)
That’s a crock (That’s not true)
That’s a shame (That too bad; That’s unfortunate)
That’s a sorry excuse (That’s a bad excuse)
That’s a steal (That’s a very good price)
That’s all I’m asking
That’s all she wrote (It’s over)
That’s amazing
That’s beautiful
That’s cool (1) (Okay; No problem)
That’s cool (2) (I love that; That’s wonderful)
That’s great
That’s interesting
That’s just great (Sarcastic comment when something goes wrong)
That’s just the way it is
That’s not right
That’s right
That’s terrible
That’s the last thing on my mind (That isn’t what I’m thinking/talking about)
That’s too bad (That’s unfortunate)
The ball’s in your court (I’m waiting for your response)
The calm before the storm (A quiet time before encountering a lot of activity/problems)
The coast is clear (There’s no more danger)
The cream of the crop (The very best)
The devil is in the details (The problem is not immediately noticeable)
The dregs of society (The worst people of society)
The early bird catches the worm (People who get to work early will succeed)
The genie is out of the bottle (Information has been released to the public and the effects can’t be reversed)
The golden rule (Treat other people the way you want to be treated)
The icing on the cake (The best part of something that’s already very good)
The joke is on you (You look bad/stupid instead of the person you targeted with the joke/trick)
The lesser of two evils (The better of two bad options)
The light at the end of the tunnel (The end of a difficult time or situation)
The luck of the draw (Random chance)
The luck of the Irish (Very good luck)
The man in the street (The average guy)
The man upstairs (God)
The nature of the beast (The nature or character of something)
The new kid on the block (The new person/company in an organization/industry)
The plot thickens (Things are getting more interesting)
The proof of the pudding is in the eating (The true quality of something is realized when it is tried)
The real McCoy (The authentic item)
The salt of the earth (The best of society)
The scum of the earth (The worst of society)
The shoe is on the other foot (The situation is reversed)
The short end of the stick (The least desirable or valuable part of something)
The sky is the limit (There is enormous potential)
The tables have turned (The circumstances are reversed)
The tail is wagging the dog (The minor part is determining what the major part does)
The talk of the town (The person or subject of widespread discussion)
The teacher’s pet (The favorite student)
The third degree (Interrogation)
The tip of the iceberg (The visible part of a huge problem)
The writing on the wall (The indication of a bad future development or condition)
There’s more than one way to skin a cat (There’s more than one solution)
There’s no free lunch (You don’t get anything for free)
There’s the catch (There’s the unseen downside or unwanted contingency)
There’s the rub (There’s the conflict, difficulty, or challenge)
Thick skinned (Not easily offended)
Thin skinned(Easily offended)
Think about it
Thinking outside of the box (Thinking creatively)
Throw in the towel (Surrender)
Throw me a bone (Say a few nice words or give me a small acknowledgment)
Throw the book at him (Give him a high penalty or severe sentence)
Throw your weight around (Exert your authority)
Tie the knot (Marry; Get married)
Tight rein (Strong control or management)
Tighten your belt (Reduce your expenses)
To a fault (Done excessively)
To a man (Everybody in the group)
To a T (Precisely)
To each his own (We all like different things)
To no avail (No positive results)
Tongue in cheek (Making a statement in jest)
Too big for your britches (Your ego is too big; You’re overconfident)
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians (We have too many people giving orders and too few taking orders)
Too many cooks spoil the broth (Too many people in charge complicates matters)
Too many irons in the fire (Too many projects to manage)
Top dog (The highest authority)
Top notch(The very best)
Touch and go (A delicate or uncertain situation)
Touch base (Communicate; Talk to me)
Tough luck (Unfortunate)
Tough nut to crack (A person who won’t cooperate)
Trick up your sleeve (A surprise to reveal)
Try it again
Turn it up (Increase the volume, temperature, intensity …. etc.)
Turning a deaf ear (Not listening; disregard)
Twenty-four Seven  (24/7 – Twenty-four hours a day/Seven days a week, or always conducting business
Two edged sword (Something that can hurt you just as much as it hurts your enemy or opponent)
Two faced (Talk good about somebody when you’re with them and bad about them when you’re not)
Two left feet (Clumsy; A bad dancer)

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