Safe and sound
Safe bet (Something that is sure to occur)
Safety in numbers (There is more safety when you’re with more people)
Same old same old (A dull routine)
Saved by the bell (Delivered from a difficult situation by somebody or something that appears)
Saved your bacon (Rescued you from a situation)
Saving face (Doing something to maintain your dignity or reputation)
Saving for a rainy day (Saving money in case of a future problem)
Scot free (With no consequences)
Second thoughts (Reconsidering a decision)
Second wind (Renewed energy or ability that enables you to keep going)
See the light (Gain understanding)
See you later
Seed money (Money that is used to start a venture)
Seeing eye to eye (Agreeomg)
Seeing is believing
Selling like hotcakes (Selling very well)
Selling your soul (Compromising your principles)
Send them packing (Make them leave abruptly)
Serving time (Incarcerated)
Serving your country (Military service)
Set in stone (Rules or laws that aren’t likely to change)
Setting the wheels in motion (Initiating a venture)
Seven sheets to the wind (Intoxicated)
Shape up or ship out (Improve your behavior or leave)
Sharp as a tack (Very intelligent)
Sharp cookie (Very intelligent)
Sharpen your pencil (Sales expression meaning “lower your price”)
Shedding light (or “Shedding light on the subject” means making something clearer)
Shifting sands (Constantly changing; unpredictable)
Shoot from the hip (Stating your views candidly and without preparation)
Shoot the breeze (Casual conversation)
Shoot yourself in the foot (Do damage to yourself with your own foolish actions)
Short change (To give somebody less than they deserve)
Shot across the bow (A warning shot)
Shot in the dark (An attempt to do or guess something with no information to guide you)
Shotgun marriage (A hastily arranged wedding or merger)
Show me the money (“How much will I be paid?”, or “Prove to me that financial backing of the deal has been arranged”)
Show them the ropes (Help them to become acquainted with their new work environment)
Showing your true colors (Showing your true character)
Shrinking violet (A very shy person)
Shut up
Sick and tired (So tired of something that you won’t tolerate it any more)
Sick as a dog (Very sick)
Sight for sore eyes (Somebody or something that you are happy to see)
Signed, sealed, and delivered (Done correctly and completed)
Silver bullet (The perfect solution to the problem)
Silver screen (The cinema)
Since time immemorial (Since as far back in time as we know of)
Singing like a canary (Providing all of the information that was requested by law enforcement or similar authority figures)
Sink or swim (Either adapt and succeed or fail)
Sitting duck (Somebody that is an easy target)
Sitting on the fence (Not willing to commit to either viewpoint)
Sitting pretty (In a great condition or situation)
Six feet under (Dead)
Six of one, half a dozen of the other (There’s no difference)
Skin and bones (Emaciated)
Slap on the wrist (A very small penalty for the crime)
Sleeping like a baby (Sleeping very well)
Sleight of hand (Trickery)
Slip of the tongue (A mispronunciation or wrong choice of words)
Slippery slope (A dangerous situation that is sure to get worse once it begins)
Slowly but surely (Slow but steadily progressing )
Small fry (People or organizations that are insignificant)
Small potatoes (People or organizations that are insignificant)
Small time (An organization that is considered insignificant)
Smoking gun (The piece of evidence that proves something)
Smooth sailing (Everything is going well with no difficulties)
Snake in the grass (A devious or treacherous person)
Snake oil salesman (Somebody who sells something by claiming that it can do something impossible)
So long (Goodbye)
So on and so forth (etc.)
Something smells fishy (Something is making you suspicious)
Sorry about that
Sour grapes (When a person claims they didn’t want something that they really did)
Spare the rod and spoil the child (If you don’t punish a child when they misbehave they won’t develop good character)
Speak of the devil (Somebody you were just talking about has just appeared)
Spic and span (Very clean)
Spill the beans (Tell everything you know about a situation)
Spin a yarn (Lie)
Spit it out (Say it!)
Splitting hairs (Making petty distinctions)
Spur of the moment (Something done without preparation or planning)
Square peg in a round hole (Somebody that doesn’t fit the environment)
Starting from scratch (Beginning with nothing)
State of the art (The most current technology or product)
Status quo (The normal state of things)
Step on it (Move fast)
Stepping on toes (Offending people)
Stepping up to the plate (Accept the challenge; do the work you’re expected to do)
Stick out like a sore thumb (Easily noticed)
Sticking your foot in your mouth (Saying something that makes you look guilty or foolish)
Sticky fingers (Likely to steal something)
Stone deaf (Completely deaf)
Stone’s throw (Very near in location)
Stop and smell the roses (Take time to enjoy life)
Stop it!
Straddling the fence (Trying to endorse both sides of an issue)
Straight from the horse’s mouth (Something that you were told from the person involved or in question)
Straw man argument (A debate tactic where you create a weak argument and destroy it to discredit the opponent’s position)
Straw poll (An unofficial vote used to determine the popularity of something or somebody)
Strike while the iron is hot (Act while the conditions are favorable to success)
Surefire (Certain to succeed)
Swansong (Last performance of a career)
Sweeping it under the carpet (or “under the rug” .. hiding a problem or a scandal)
Sweet tooth (An appetite for sweet food)

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