Rack your brain (Try hard to think of or remember something)
Raising Cain (Complaining furiously about something)
Raising eyebrows (Causing concern or disapproval)
Raking them over the coals (Sternly rebuking)
Rat race (The daily competition for wealth and career advancement)
Razzle dazzle (Exciting and fascinating showmanship)
Reach for the stars (Aim for lofty goals)
Read between the lines (Find the true, hidden meaning)
Reading them the riot act (A stern reprimand)
Recharging your batteries (Resting in order to renew your strength and vitality)
Recipe for disaster (A mix of people and circumstances that will result in problems)
Red herring (Something designed to distract attention away from the important issue)
Red light district (An area of town where prostitution is common)
Red tape (An abundance of rules and regulations that makes things happen slower than they should)
Reduced to ashes (Burned thoroughly)
Reinventing the wheel (Redundant and unnecessary development of systems or products)
Resting on your laurels (So content with prior accomplishments that you don’t make the same effort now)
Revising history
Rewriting history
Riding high (Successful and popular)
Riding shotgun (Riding in the front seat on the passenger side)
Right away (Immediately)
Right up my alley (My skills and experience perfectly match it)
Rise and shine (Wake up)
Rocking the boat (Disrupting a situation that is stable and peaceful)
Roll the dice (Take a chance)
Roll with the punches (Dealing well with difficulties)
Rolling in dough (Very wealthy)
Rolling in the aisles (Laughing hard)
Rolling out the red carpet (Making somebody feel very welcome)
Rome wasn’t built in a day
Rose colored glasses (Viewing a situation much more positive than it really is)

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