Packed like sardines (Very crowded)
Paid through the nose (Paid a lot of money)
Pain in the neck (Annoying)
Paint the town red (Go out and party)
Paint yourself into a corner (Leave yourself with no good options)
Pardon my French (Excuse my vulgar expression)
Party hearty (Have fun!)
Party on! (Keep partying!)
Passing the buck (Blaming somebody else)
Passing the hat (Taking up a collection)
Passing the time (Doing something else while you are waiting)
Pay attention (Listen to what I’m saying)
Pay lip service  (Saying what people want to hear, with no sincerity)
Pay the piper (Bear the consequences for your actions)
Paying your dues (Do the difficult work that is required to advance)
Pecking order (An hierarchy of power, status, or influence)
Peeping Tom (Somebody who looks into windows)
Penny ante (A small amount; unsubstantial)
Penny pincher (Somebody who doesn’t spend much money)
Pep talk (A speech designed to improve performance)
Perish the thought (I hope you’re wrong)
Pet peeve (Something that annoys you)
Pick up the tab (Pay the bill)
Pie in the sky (Something that sounds great but probably won’t happen)
Piece of cake (Easy to do)
Pig in a poke (Something you buy without seeing it first)
Pipe dream (Something you hope for but is unlikely to happen)
Plain as the nose on your face (Very obvious)
Plain Jane (A girl who isn’t pretty or ugly)
Plan B (A second plan in case the first one fails)
Play it by ear (Make your decisions as the events occur)
Playing for keeps (Do something with intensity and not just for fun)
Playing hard to get (Acting like you’re not attracted to somebody when you are)
Playing hardball (Behaving in a ruthless manner in order to get what you want)
Playing second fiddle (Somebody who has a secondary role or status)
Playing the devil’s advocate (Pretending to defend an unpopular person or idea for the sake of discussion)
Playing the field (Dating several people without committing to any of them)
Playing the fool (Behaving foolishly)
Playing with fire (Doing something that’s dangerous)
Poetry in motion (Graceful)
Pointing the finger (Accusing somebody)
Poker face (An expression that doesn’t reveal your thoughts)
Politically correct (Terminology that won’t offend the group concerned)
Pop the question (Propose marriage)
Pork barrel (Governmental spending that is proposed for the purpose of winning favor for a politician with their constituents)
Practical joke (A trick that makes somebody look foolish and amuse other people)
Preaching to the choir (Expressing views that everybody listening agrees with)
Preaching to the converted Expressing views that everybody listening agrees with)
Primrose path (A venture that looks very lucrative but is going to end badly)
Promise me
Pros and cons (Good and bad aspects of an issue or decision)
Pull out all the stops (Do everything possible to succeed)
Pulling a rabbit out of your hat (Doing something very surprising to impress people)
Pulling rank (Asserting your power as somebody with more seniority or a higher position in an organization)
Pulling strings (Taking advantage of established relationships to get something you want)
Pulling the wool over his eyes (Deceiving or fooling him)
Pulling your punches (Withholding a certain amount of criticism to spare someone’s feelings)
Pulling your weight (Doing your share of the work)
Punching bag (Somebody who receives a lot of criticism or verbal abuse)
Puppy love (A childhood romance)
Push the envelope (Expand the known limitations of something)
Pushing up daisies (Dead)
Put a sock in it (Stop talking)
Put her on a pedestal (Treat her very special)
Put that in your pipe and smoke it (It’s true, or I have proved you wrong)
Put your best foot forward (Try to make a good impression)
Put your cards on the table (Be very candid about your views)
Put your money where your mouth is (If you believe in something support it with your money and actions)
Put yourself in my shoes (Try to see things from my perspective)
Putting lipstick on a pig (Making something of low value or quality look more desirable)

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