Object lesson (A lesson taught using an object or example from life)
Obviously (That is clearly true)
Obviously not (That is clearly not true)
Odds and ends (Miscellaneous items, parts, or pieces of items)
Of all the nerve (Something said when somebody says or does something very offensive)
Of course (Yes!)
Of course not (No!)
Off color (Vulgar)
Off the beaten track (In a remote location)
Off the charts (Beyond what anybody could have imagined)
Off the cuff (Impromptu)
Off the hook (Cleared of suspicion)
Off the record (Do not quote me or repeat this)
Off the top of my head (What I can think of at this moment)
Off the wall (Odd or bizarre behavior)
Off your rocker (You’re crazy)
Offhand (All I can think of at this moment)
Oh boy (Wow!)
Oh brother (Wow! or I don’t believe this!)
Oh my God (An exclamation of terror or frustration)
Oh my goodness (An exclamation of terror or frustration)
Oh ye of little faith (You should have more faith)
Old hat (Outdated, or timeworn and uninteresting)
Old wives tale (A story that is unsubstantiated and probably baseless)
Olive branch (Something that you offer somebody in a peace initiative)
On a roll (In a very lucky or productive period)
On a shoestring (With little funding or a small budget)
On a silver platter (Unearned, or with little effort required)
On all fours (Crawling or standing on hands and knees)
On cloud nine (Very happy; ecstatic)
On good terms (A friendly relationship)
On hold (Suspended; Postponed)
On ice (Delayed; Postponed)
On pins and needles (Anxious; Nervous; In suspense)
On the ball (Attentive; Competent)
On the case (Investigating; Working on the problem)
On the cheap (With little expense)
On the dole (Receiving government assistance)
On the dot (Prompt; Precisely)
On the fly (Done quickly without thinking or planning)
On the money (Exactly right)
On the nose (Precisely the right time or amount)
On the same page (Thinking alike and following the same course of action)
On the same wavelength (Understanding each other clearly)
On the sly (Secretly and immorally)
On the stump (Making political speeches at various locations)
On the take (Taking bribes; Receiving money to affect the outcome of something)
On the tip of my tongue (I am almost remembering the name or the word)
On the wagon (No longer drinking or doing drugs)
On the warpath (Angry and combative)
On the wrong foot (A bad beginning)
On top of the world (Elated)
On your toes (Maintaining awareness and adherence to policies)
Once bitten twice shy (A person who has been hurt will be more cautious in the future)
Once in a blue moon (Very rarely)
Once upon a time (Used as an introduction to a fairy tale, meaning “a long time ago”)
One at a time
One day at a time (Dealing with life’s difficulties on a daily basis without much thought to the future)
One moment please
One more for the road (Another drink before I leave)
One more time
One trick pony (Somebody who basically has one talent, accomplishment, or gimmick)
Open book (A person or organization who has made all information about them easily accessible)
Other fish to fry (Other matters to attend to)
Out of left field (Something that wasn’t foreseen)
Out of the frying pan and into the fire
Out of the mouths of babes (Children often say profound things)
Out of the woods (Out of danger)
Out on a limb (Making a prediction that seems unlikely)
Out to lunch (Not paying attention)
Over a barrel (Left with only one option)
Over and over (Again and again)
Over my dead body (I won’t allow it)
Over the counter (No prescription required)
Over the hill (Too old)
Over the top (Excessive or exagerrated)

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