Nail in the coffin (Something that leads to death or the demise of something)
Nail-biter (Something that’s suspenseful)
Neck and neck (A close race)
Neck of the woods (A region or neighborhood)
Needle in a haystack (Something that is incredibly difficult to find because of its disproportionate size in comparison to its surroundings)
Neither here nor there (Irrelevant)
Nerves of steel (Courageous and unaffected by pressure)
Nest egg (Money saved for retirement or college or some other future endeavor)
Never mind (Disregard, or Don’t worry about it)
New blood (A new person in the organization)
New lease on life (Another chance to succeed, or a new positive perspective)
Nice to meet you
Night owl (A person who goes to sleep much later than others)
Nip it in the bud (Stop it before it gets worse)
No bed of roses (Not an easy life)
No can do (I can’t do it)
No chance (Virtually impossible)
No deal (I won’t agree to it)
No dice (I won’t agree to it)
No fooling (Is this really true?)
No go (It’s not going to happen)
No guts no glory (You have to risk pain and failure to reach your goal)
No harm no foul (Nobody was hurt so there’s not a problem)
No kidding (Really?)
No laughing matter (It’s a serious problem)
No love lost (They don’t like each other)
No pain no gain (You have to experience some discomfort to make progress)
No problem
No question
No questions asked
No smoking
No ticket no laundry (You must have proper documentation to proceed with the transaction)
No two ways about it (It’s definitely this way)
No way (1) (It’s not possible)
No way (2) (Are you serious?)
Not in a million years (Never)
Not my cup of tea (Not something that I prefer or enjoy)
Not on your life (Absolutely not)
Nothing could be further from the truth (It’s completely wrong information)
Nothing to be sneezed at (A substantial amount or accomplishment)
Nothing to write home about (Nothing extraordinary)
Nothing ventured nothing gained (You have to take risks to accomplish something)
Now and then (Occasionally)
Nuttier than a fruitcake (Crazy, not rational)

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