Mad as a hornet (Extremely angry)
Made of money (Very wealthy)
Major league (The highest attainable level)
Make a clean break (Start a new life in a new location around different people)
Make do (Manage on what you have)
Make like the wind and blow (Leave)
Make my day (Do something that makes me happy)
Make no bones about it (Be very honest regardless of how others might react)
Make no mistake about it (Don’t misunderstand)
Make or break you (Make your life great or make it terrible)
Make out like a bandit (Acquire a large sum of money or expensive items from an activity)
Make something of yourself (Succeed in a respectable profession)
Make up your mind (Decide)
Make your blood boil (Make you angry)
Make your skin crawl (To disturb, or To make you uncomfortable)
Make your toes curl (To disturb, or To make you uncomfortable)
Make yourself scarce (Avoid a person or location; hide)
Making a killing (Making a lot of money)
Making a monkey out of you (Make you look stupid)
Making a mountain out of a molehill (Overemphasizing the importance of something)
Making ends meet (Earning enough to pay your living expenses)
Making headway (Making progress)
Man of his word (A man who does what he says that he will do)
Man of means  (A wealthy man)
Man of the cloth  (A preacher)
Man’s best friend  (The dog)
Man’s man  (A strong, tough man)
Many moons ago (A long time ago)
Mark my word  (I assure you of this)
Marked man  (A man who is being pursued)
Matter of life and death  (An urgent matter)
Matter of time (Inevitable)
May I help you?
Meat and potatoes (Fundamentals, or basic essentials)
Meet me halfway (Compromise with me)
Meet your maker (Die)
Melting pot (A place where there are people of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds)
Mending fences (Reconciling)
Mexican standoff (A stalemate)
Mickey Mouse (Inferior)
Middle of nowhere (A remote place)
Mind over matter (Controlling things or situations with the power of your mind)
Missed the boat (Too late)
Monday morning quarterback (Somebody who criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight)
Money talks (People listen when you have a lot of money)
Monkey business (Mischief or infidelity)
Monkey see monkey do (Said when a person imitates somebody else)
Moot point (When circumstances make an issue irrelevant)
More heat than light (When something makes people angry rather than informed)
Movers and shakers (People who are influential in an organization or industry)
Much ado about nothing (Overemphasis on the importance of something)
Muddying the waters (Making things unclear or more confusing)
Mud-slinging (Making accusations or trying to damage an opponent’s reputation)
Murphy’s law (If anything can go wrong it will)
Music to my ears (Something that I love to hear)
My bad (My fault)
My fault
My hands are full (I’m too busy)
My hands are tied (There’s nothing that I can do)
My mistake
My name is John
My pleasure

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