Labor of love (Work that you love to do)
Lame duck (An elected official with little or no political power)
Landslide victory (A political victory of a substantial margin)
Lap dog (Somebody who does everything they’re asked to do by their boss)
Last ditch effort  (A desperate effort)
Last hurrah (A final appearance or performance)
Last laugh (Revenge)
Last straw (The misdeed that causes you to take corrective action against another person)
Laugh a minute (A funny person … often used sarcastically)
Laughing stock (Somebody that everybody ridicules)
Laughter is the best medicine
Lay down the law (A stern rebuke)
Learning the ropes (Becoming familiar with a new environment)
Leave it alone (Don’t do anything about this situation)
Leave me alone (Don’t bother me)
Leave no stone unturned (Search everywhere for an answer or solution)
Leave well enough alone (Don’t change something if there’s not a problem with it)
Left in the dark (To leave somebody uninformed about something)
Lend an ear (Listen)
Leopard can’t change its spots (People don’t change their nature or character)
Let bygones be bygones (Forgive and forget)
Let it be (Don’t change it, or don’t touch it)
Let it go (Forget about it)
Let me bounce an idea off of you (What do you think about this?)
Let me guess
Let me have it (Give it to me, or Yell at me)
Let me know
Let me see
Let me tell you something
Let me try
Let sleeping dogs lie (Don’t resume an old argument)
Let the cat out of the bag (Revealed something that was unknown)
Let your guard down (Leave yourself vulnerable in some way)
Let your hair down (To relax and have fun without worrying about what people think)
Let’s do it
Let’s get it on (Let’s start the fight, sex, competition …. etc.)
Let’s get out of here (We need to leave quickly)
Let’s go
Let’s haul ass (We need to leave quickly)
Let’s hear it (Tell me what you think or know)
Let’s make a deal (Let’s negotiate a transaction)
Let’s not go there (We shouldn’t discuss that)
Let’s start over (Let’s begin again)
Light the fire
Lighten up (Relax, become less angry)
Like a bat out of hell (Moving fast and recklessly)
Like a bull in a china shop (Using little tact or discretion in a delicate situation)
Like a cat on a hot tin roof (Nervous, agitated, or unable to remain still)
Like a deer in the headlights (An expression of surprise, fear, or panic)
Like a duck to water (Very naturally)
Like a fish out of water (Disoriented, in an unfamiliar environment)
Like a kid in a candy store (Excited about the wonderful options)
Like a thief in the night (Unexpectedly, or Quickly and quietly)
Like a well oiled machine (Productive and very efficient)
Like it or not
Like peas in a pod (Having similar beliefs and passions)
Like taking candy from a baby (Easy to do)
Like the back of your hand (Very familiar with it)
Like there’s no tomorrow (Quickly, eagerly, without stopping)
Like white on rice (Staying very close and without relenting)
Like wildfire (Spread rapidly)
Listen up
Lock, stock, and barrel (Completely, or Everything)
Locking horns (Arguing)
Long face (Sad expression)
Long in the tooth (Old)
Long shot (A gamble, an unlikely outcome)
Look at the bright side (Think about the good aspects or results)
Look before you leap (Think before you act)
Looking out for number one (Doing what’s best for yourself)
Looking over my shoulder (Looking for danger)
Loose cannon (A person who displays erratic behavior)
Loose lips sink ships (Talking about military secrets can result in the deaths of servicemen)
Lose your ass (Lose a lot of money)
Lose your lunch (Vomit)
Lose your shirt (Lose a lot of money)
Lost his marbles (Has become insane)
Love is blind (A person in love often overlooks their partner’s faults)
Lower the bar (Lower the expectations for performance)

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