Kangaroo court (An unfair trial where the results are predetermined)
Keep in touch (Continue to communicate with me)
Keep it on the QT (This information is not to be repeated)
Keep me abreast (Let me know about any new information)
Keep me posted (Let me know about any new information)
Keep mum (Don’t say anything)
Keep off the grass
Keep you on your toes (Keep you aware of what is going on around you)
Keep your cool (Remain composed and relaxed)
Keep your eye on the ball (Be alert and attentive)
Keep your eye on the prize (Stay focused on your goal)
Keep your eyes peeled (Be vigilant or observant)
Keep your fingers crossed (Remain hopeful)
Keep your hands clean (Don’t do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical)
Keep your nose to the grindstone (Continue working)
Keep your options open (Don’t exclude any options)
Keep your powder dry (Be prepared to take action or compete)
Keeping up with the Joneses (Constantly acquiring more expensive or newer possessions to maintain a social status)
Kick the habit (Stop smoking or a similar vice)
Kicked the bucket (Died)
Kicking over a sacred cow (Refuting a strong belief)
Kid gloves (Delicately and with extreme caution)
Kill two birds with one stone (Resolve two problems with one solution)
Kindred spirits (People who hold similar views and passions)
Kiss and tell (Talk about a past romantic relationship)
Kiss it goodbye (You’re going to lose it)
Knee jerk reaction (An automatic response)
Knight in shining armor (A hero)
Knock it off (Stop it)



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