Jack Frost (The personification of freezing temperatures)
Jack of all trades (A person who is proficient in many different skills)
Jekyll and Hyde (Somebody who possesses both a good and evil personality)
Jerking me around (Delaying and deceitful treatment)
Jet set (Wealthy people who fly frequently)
Jockeying for position (Maneuvering for a good position in a new organization or administration)
Jog my memory (Say something to help me remember)
John Doe (A¬†name given to a person whose identity isn’t known)
John Q. Public (The average person)
Johnny-come-lately (A newcomer to an industry or organization)
Johnny-on-the-spot (Somebody who quickly detects or resolves a problem)
Joined at the hip (Closely connected, or always together)
Jumping down my throat (Yelling angrily at me)
Jumping on the bandwagon (Doing something because it’s a popular activity)
Jumping through hoops (Doing extra or difficult work in an effort to get somebody to do something)
Jumping to conclusions (Prematurely forming a conclusion)
Just a minute
Just a smidge (Just a small amount)
Just a tad (Just a small amount)
Just a touch (Just a small amount)
Just around the corner (Very soon)
Just deserts (Consequences that are well deserved)
Just do it
Just for grins (Just for fun)
Just for kicks (Just for fun)
Just for the hell of it (Just for fun)
Just for the record (Just to make it known)
Just what the doctor ordered (The perfect solution)

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