I agree
I can’t believe it
I can’t figure it out
I can’t help it (I can’t stop)
I can’t stop
I couldn’t help it (I couldn’t stop)
I don’t believe it
I don’t believe you
I don’t care
I don’t feel good
I don’t give a damn (I don’t care)
I don’t mind (It’s okay)
I don’t speak English very good
I don’t speak English very well
I don’t think so
I don’t understand
I feel nauseous
I feel sick
I have a headache
I have a question
I have a stomachache
I have a suggestion
I have a toothache
I have an idea
I have to go
I laughed until I cried
I like you
I love you
I smell a rat (I suspect that somebody has done something bad)
I speak a little English
I think so
I understand
I wish I was dead (I’m embarrassed)
I would like to go
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again
If push comes to shove (If things become more difficult)
If the shoe fits wear it (If this describes you then accept it)
If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen (If you can’t accept criticism then do something else)
If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas (You will develop bad character by affiliating with bad people)
If you say so
If you will
Ill at ease (Restless, or uncomfortable)
I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it (I’ll deal with that problem later)
I’ll do my best
Ill gotten gains (Money or things taken by theft or dishonesty)
I’ll tell you what (This is my proposal)
I’m John
I’m a student
I’m confused
I’m doing my best
I’m from America
I’m having the time of my life (I’m enjoying myself)
I’m here
I’m hungry
I’m in love
I’m learning English
I’m on my way (I’m going there now)
I’m on top of the world (I feel great)
I’m out of here (I’m leaving)
I’m shocked
I’m sick and tired of this (I want this to stop)
I’m sleepy
I’m sorry
I’m studying English
I’m stunned (This is startling news)
I’m telling you
I’m thirsty
I’m tired
I’m trying
In a fix (In trouble)
In a fog (Confused)
In a heartbeat (Quickly)
In a jam (In trouble)
In a jiffy (Quickly)
In a nutshell (A short summary)
In a pickle (In trouble)
In a rut (In a boring, habitual pattern)
In a slump (In a period of low productivity)
In a tight spot (In trouble)
In broad daylight (In the daytime, in public view)
In cahoots (In conspiracy with somebody)
In cold blood (Vicious, with no remorse)
In deep doo doo (In a lot of trouble)
In deep shit (In a lot of trouble)
In dire straits (In a lot of trouble)
In full swing (Operating at full capacity)
In high gear (Operating at full capacity)
In hot water (In trouble)
In light of the fact (Seeing this situation while understanding these circumstances)
In over your head (Trying to do something beyond your ability)
In seventh heaven (Very happy)
In so many words
In the black (Making a profit)
In the cards (Going to happen)
In the clear (Free from danger)
In the doghouse (In disfavor)
In the driver’s seat (In control)
In the long run (Over a longer period of time)
In the loop (Closely affiliated with the decision makers or most knowledgeable people)
In the nick of time
In the pink (In good condition)
In the red (Not profitable)
In the same boat (In the same condition or circumstances)
In the short run (Over a shorter period of time)
In the zone (In a very productive state)
In your blood (It’s natural for you)
Indian giver (Somebody who takes back something that they have given)
Indian summer (Unusually warm weather in autumn)
Into thin air
Isn’t that a kick in the pants? (That’s an unpleasant development)
Isn’t that right?
Isn’t that something?
It didn’t come up (We didn’t discuss it)
It doesn’t matter
It never will fly (It won’t work)
It takes two to tango (A relationship requires the consent of both parties)
It’s a gold mine (It is very lucrative)
It’s a jungle out there (It’s very competitive and stressful)
It’s a pleasure to meet you
It’s a roll of the dice (It’s a gamble)
It’s all Greek to me (I don’t understand any of it)
It’s like talking to a brick wall (They don’t listen)
It’s not important
It’s raining cats and dogs (It’s raining very hard)
It’s raining like crazy (It’s raining very hard)
It’s seen better days (It is old and deteriorating)
It’s worth a shot
It’s your funeral (I think it’s a big mistake but this is your decision to make)
I’ve got it (I have the solution)
I’ve hit pay dirt (I’ve found what I was looking for)
I’ve struck gold (I’ve found something that will be very lucrative)

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