Hale and hearty (In excellent health)
Half a mind (A restrained desire or inclination)
Half baked (Not well considered or planned)
Hand to mouth (Only enough to survive)
Hanging in the balance (Depending on the right results)
Happy anniversary
Happy birthday
Happy go lucky (Carefree)
Happy medium (A balanced viewpoint of behavior)
Happy new year
Happy trails (Best wishes for the future)
Hard sell  (A forceful sales presentation)
Hard to come by (Rare)
Has it ever crossed your mind? (Have you ever thought about this)
Has it ever dawned on you? (Have you ever thought about this?
Has it ever occurred to you? (Have you ever thought about this)
Haste makes waste (If you rush things you will make mistakes)
Hatchet job (A malicious verbal or written attack on a person or organization)
Have a crack at it (Make an attempt)
Have a go at it (Make an attempt)
Have a good time
Have a heart (Display mercy or compassion)
Have a little faith
Have a nice day
Have fun
Have you got the time (What time is it?)
Have you lost your mind? (Are you crazy?)
Have you no shame?
He can’t cut the mustard (He can’t do the job good enough)
He can’t hack it (He can’t do the job good enough)
He can’t hold a candle (He isn’t as good as … )
He croaked (He died)
He knows just enough to be dangerous
He knows the ropes (He has much experience)
He knows where the bodies are buried (He knows bad secrets about somebody)
He who hesitates is lost (A person who takes too long to make a decision will miss the opportunity)
Head in the clouds (Unrealistic, ignoring problems)
Heads nor tails (Anything to do with a topic)
Heads or tails (Anything to do with a topic)
Heads will roll (People will be held accountable for a problem)
Heart to heart (An open and honest discussion)
Heaven help us (An exclamation of exasperation)
Heavenly bodies (Stars and planets)
Heavens (An exclamation of exasperation)
Hedging your bet (Protecting yourself against a wrong choice)
Hell if I know (I don’t know)
Herding cats (Trying to get uncooperative people to do things)
Here today gone tomorrow (Wealth is often temporary)
Here’s the deal (“Let’s do this” or “let’s discuss this”)
Here’s your change
He’s the life of the party (He’s very fun and entertaining to be with)
High and dry (Helpless, destitute)
High as a kite (Under the influence of drugs)
High on the hog (Lavishly … a luxurious lifestyle)
High wire act (A difficult and dangerous activity.)
Highway robbery (Charging somebody excessively for a product or service)
His way or the highway (He only accepts things done his way)
Hit rock bottom (Experience desperate conditions)
Hit the books (Start studying)
Hit the bull’s eye (Hit the target or accomplish your goal)
Hit the dirt (Fall down to the ground)
Hit the nail on the head (You are exactly correct)
Hit the road (1) (Depart or leave)
Hit the road (2) (Go away)
Hit the sack (Go to sleep)
Hold it (Stop or wait)
Hold on (Stop or wait)
Hold what you’ve got (Don’t do anything)
Hold your horses (Be patient)
Hold your own (Do as well as most people)
Hold your tongue (Don’t talk)
Holding down the fort (Take care of a place until somebody else arrives)
Holding the bag (Receiving the blame)
Holier than thou (Exhibiting an attitude of superior virtue)
Holy cow (WOW!)
Holy Moses (WOW!)
Holy smoke (WOW!)
Home stretch (At the end of a journey or race)
Honest to God (This is true)
Honest to goodness (This is true)
Honestly (This is true, be honest)
Hook, line, and sinker (Believed it completely)
Hop, skip, and a jump (A short distance)
Hornets nest (A subject that brings anger and division)
Hostile takeover (Taking over a company without the consent of the management)
Hot potato (An issue that nobody wants to take responsibility for)
Hot to trot (Eager)
Hothead (Somebody with a bad temper)
How about that? (That’s amazing)
How are you?
How do you do?
How have you been?
How old are you?
Howdy! (Hello)
How’s it going?
Hunky dory (Things are great)

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