Game plan (A strategy)
Garbage in, garbage out (Bad information or instructions will produce bad results)
Get a clue (You’re uninformed)
Get a grip (Relax, calm down)
Get a handle on it (Become able to manage it)
Get a life (Stop doing unproductive things, develop socially)
Get a load of this (Look at this)
Get it out of your head (Your thinking is wrong)
Get it straight (Understand, make clear)
Get it through that thick skull of yours (Stop being stubborn and listen to me)
Get it through your head (Understand this)
Get lost (Go away)
Get my drift (Do you understand what I’m suggesting?)
Get out of Dodge (Leave before you encounter trouble)
Get out of here (1) (Go away)
Get out of here (2) (I don’t believe you)
Get out of town (Go away)
Get serious (Stop being foolish)
Get the hang of it (Become proficient)
Get the picture (Understand)
Get with it (Become knowledgeable about current trends)
Get with the program (Follow the rules or the policy)
Getting away with murder (Avoiding consequences)
Getting back on the horse (Trying again after experiencing failure)
Getting down to brass tacks (Talking about the crucial facts)
Getting high (Using drugs)
Getting hitched (Marrying)
Getting in on the act (Joining a popular activity or trend)
Getting in on the ground floor (Joining a new organization before others)
Getting it off the ground (Making it succeed)
Getting it off your chest (Talking about something that bothers you)
Getting on a soapbox (Talking at length and passionately about something)
Getting the monkey off your back (Ending a bad habit or annoying problem)
Getting the nod (Receiving approval or permission)
Getting under my skin (Annoying)
Getting your act together (Change your behavior to become successful)
Getting your ducks in a row (Organizing things in your life in anticipation of doing something)
Getting your feet wet (Gaining experience)
Getting your foot in the door (Getting started with an organization or industry)
Getting your hands dirty (Doing some work)
Getting your wires crossed (Having confusion from bad communication)
Give and take (Compromise, or exchanging ideas)
Give him a hand (Applaud, or offer assistance)
Give it a rest (Stop what you’re doing or talking about)
Give it to me (Tell me)
Give me a break (“Show me mercy”, or “I don’t believe you”)
Give me a chance (Let me try to prove myself)
Give me a hand (Help me)
Give me a sign
Give me your word (Promise me)
Giving up the ghost (Dying)
Glass ceiling (An unwritten limit for advancing in an organization)
Glory hog (Somebody who seeks praise and recognition)
Glutton for punishment (Somebody who does things that are dangerous or counter-productive)
Go ahead (Proceed)
Go away (Leave)
Go climb a tree (Go away, or Your proposal is absurd)
Go fly a kite (Go away, or Your proposal is absurd)
Go for broke (Pursue a goal while risking everything)
Go for it (Try it)
Go home
Go jump in a lake (Go away, or Your proposal is absurd)
Go on (Continue in that direction)
Go soak your head (Go away, or Your proposal is absurd)
Go to bed
Going bananas (Experiencing great frustration, anger, or strong emotions)
Going bust (Losing money, failing in business)
Going down swinging (Keep fighting until the end)
Going down without a fight (Offering little resistance)
Going for broke (Attempting something while risking everything)
Going nuts (Experiencing great frustration, anger, or strong emotions)
Going overboard (Doing something excessively)
Going south (Experiencing failure or complications)
Going the extra mile (Doing more than is required)
Going through the motions (Making minimal effort)
Going to hell in a hand basket (Experiencing extremely negative results)
Going to pot (Experiencing extremely negative results)
Going to the dogs (Experiencing extremely negative results)
Going to your head (Inflating your ego)
Good afternoon
Good evening
Good God (An exclamation of annoyance, or shock)
Good lord (An exclamation of annoyance, or shock)
Good morning
Good night
Good Samaritan (Somebody who helps a stranger in trouble)
Good to see you
Got a light (Do you have a match or cigarette lighter?)
Got a minute (Can I talk to you?)
Got away with it (Avoided any consequences)
Got up on the wrong side of the bed (In a bad mood)
Gotta go (I need to leave)
Grass roots (Originating on the local level rather than at the national level)
Graveyard shift (Work from 11 pm – 7 am)
Gravy train (A lucrative job or business)
Gray area (An area of discussion with no clear right or wrong answer)
Grease monkey (A mechanic)
Greased lightning (Moving very fast)
Green (A novice, or friendly to the environment)
Green light (An indication to proceed)
Green thumb (Good with gardening)
Green with envy (Very envious)
Grin and bear it (Endure difficulty without complaining)
Groovy (An expression from the 1960s that means “Great”)
Guinea pig (A person or animal that an experiment is conducted with)
Gung ho (Enthusiastic about participating in something)

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