Face value (The apparent value or truthfulness of something)
Facing the music (Accepting the consequences for your actions)
Facing your demons (Dealing with your bad habits or weaknesses)
Facts of life (Details about sex and reproduction)
Fair and square (Equitable, very fair)
Fair weather friend (A friend who abandons you during difficulty)
Falling by the wayside (Failing to finish a course of action, or no longer needed)
Falling down drunk (Too intoxicated to stand)
Falling from grace (Losing favor or respect from others)
Falling off the wagon (Resuming a bad habit)
Falling on your sword (Resigning under pressure, taking the blame)
Familiarity breeds contempt (The better you know a person the less you admire them)
Famous last words (A confident statement that will soon be proven wrong)
Fast and furious (Frantic activity)
Fat cat (A wealthy and influential businessman)
Fat chance (It’s very unlikely)
Fat head (An inflated ego)
Fate worse than death (A terrible fate)
Feast or famine (Results that tend to be either great or terrible)
Feel at home
Feel free
Feeling blue (Feeling sad)
Feeling ten feet tall (Feeling great)
Feeling the pinch (Feeling bad economic effects)
Fence sitter (Somebody who hasn’t committed to either of two views)
Few and far between (Extremely rare)
Fiddling while Rome burns (Not responding to a bad situation or crisis)
Fighting an uphill battle (Doing something in hopes of unlikely success)
Fighting chance (A possibility of success)
Fighting like cats and dogs (Arguing loudly and constantly)
Fighting tooth and nail (Opposing something vigorously)
Fine-tuning (Making small improvements or adjustments)
Fire away (Ask me anything)
Fire in the hole (Danger!  Look out!)
Fire it up! (Turn it on … activate it)
Firing on all cylinders (Running or functioning well)
Fishing expedition (Looking for a violation or some bad characteristic)
Fit as a fiddle (Extremely physically or financially well off)
Fit for a king (Very good accomodations)
Fit to be tied (Angry, hysterical)
Fits the bill (A very good solution or remedy)
Five o’clock shadow (Short whiskers)
Flash in the pan (Brief success)
Flunking (Failing)
Flying off the handle (Losing your temper)
Flying the coop (Leaving home)
Food for thought (Something to think about)
Footing the bill (Paying for something)
For crying out loud (An exclamation of exasperation)
For God’s sake (An exclamation of exasperation)
For my money (In my opinion)
For Pete’s sake (An exclamation of exasperation)
For the last time (I won’t say this again)
For the life of me (If my life depended on this)
For the love of God (An exclamation of exasperation)
For the time being (For now)
Foregone conclusion (The results are predetermined)
Foul play (Criminal behavior)
Four-eyes (Somebody who wears eyeglasses)
Free reign (No rules or limitations)
Free-for-all (A brawl)
Freeze! (Stop!)
Freudian slip (Accidentally revealing unconscious thoughts)
Frog in the throat (A slight problem with your vocal chords)
From rags to riches (From poverty to wealth)
From scratch (From nothing or from the beginning)
From the get-go (From the beginning)
Full bore (100%)
Full circle (Back to where you began)
Full of crap (Saying something that is stupid or dishonest)
Full of himself (He’s egotistical)
Full of hot air (Exaggerating)
Full of it (Saying something that is stupid or dishonest)
Full of piss and vinegar (Too daring and careless)
Full of shit (Saying something that is stupid or dishonest)
Fuzzy math (Numbers that are manipulated to support an agenda)

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