Each to his own (We all like different things)
Eagle eye (Good eyesight or good observation skills)
Early riser (One who wakes up early)
Ease up (Reduce the volume or pressure)
Easier said than done
Easy come easy go (You can lose money very quickly)
Eat crow (Admit that you were wrong)
Eat humble pie (To be humbled or humiliated)
Eat like a bird (Don’t eat much)
Eat like a pig (Eat too much)
Eat your heart out (You want what I have)
Eat your words (To be proven wrong)
Eating it up (Enjoying it)
Egg on your face (Embarrassed by an error)
Eighty-six it (Remove it from consideration)
Elbow grease (Physical effort)
Elbow room (Space to move comfortably)
Eleventh hour (A late time for something to be done)
Etched in stone (Rules or guidelines that can’t be changed)
Even keel (Moving smoothly or maintaining your composure)
Every cloud has a silver lining (There’s always something good in a bad situation)
Every dog has his day (Everybody has good fortune at some point)
Every man for himself (Do what’s best for you and don’t worry about others)
Every nook and cranny (Every conceivable place)
Every now and then (Occasionally)
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry (Everybody you encounter)
Every trick in the book (Every possible approach)
Everybody has their price (Everybody will give you what you want if you pay them enough)  
Everything but the kitchen sink (Every possible thing)
Exploring all avenues (Considering every option)
Exploring all options (Considering every option)
Eye candy (Beautiful)
Eye opening (Illuminating, or helping you to understand)

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