Dead air (When there is no sound or video during a radio or TV program)
Dead drunk (Unconscious from intoxication)
Dead heat (When a race or election is a tie between two participants)
Dead in the water (No hope for success)
Dead man walking (A condemned prisoner or an employee who will be terminated)
Dead meat (A corpse, or a person who is doomed)
Dead right (100% correct)
Dead to the world (In a deep sleep)
Dead wrong (100% incorrect)
Dear John letter (A letter informing a romantic partner of a breakup)
Deep pockets (Very wealthy)
Diamond in the rough (Something has more value than the appearance suggests)
Different kettle of fish (An unrelated subject)
Different strokes for different folks (Different people have different preferences and interests)
Dime a dozen (Not difficult to obtain)
Dinosaur (An outdated item or machine)
Dirty work (An unpleasant task)
Discretion is the better part of valor (Sometimes it takes more courage to remain inactive than to take action)
Dive in! (“Jump into the swimming pool” or “do it”)
Do I need to draw you a picture?  (The facts are very obvious)
Do it (Proceed)
Do something (Take action)
Do you care?
Do you know?
Do you mind? (What you’re doing is annoying)
Do you understand?
Do you want anything?
Do you want something?
Do you want to go?
Do your best (Make your best effort)
Do your thing (Do what you’re good at)
Dog and pony show (A presentation designed to persuade people)
Dog days (Hot weather)
Dog eat dog (A very competitive and stressful environment)
Dog tired (Extremely tired)
Doggy bag (A bag that is used to take food home from a restaurant)
Done to death (Done by others to the point that it is no longer new or interesting)
Don’t be afraid
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you (Be nice to those who provide for you)
Don’t bother (It’s not important)
Don’t bother me
Don’t bug me (Leave me alone)
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch (Don’t be presumptuous in your plans)
Don’t even think about it (Don’t do what you’re considering)
Don’t even try (That would be a very bad idea)
Don’t forget
Don’t give it another thought (Don’t worry about it)
Don’t give me that (I don’t believe you)
Don’t hold your breath (It’s not very likely to happen)
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (Don’t criticize something that’s free)
Don’t mention it (You’re welcome)
Don’t mess with me (Don’t make me angry)
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (Spread your risk, diversify your investment portfolio)
Don’t quit your day job (You’re not good at this)
Don’t say a word (Be quiet)
Don’t shoot the messenger (Don’t blame the person who gave you bad news)
Don’t speak
Don’t talk to strangers
Don’t tell me (Let me guess)
Don’t worry about it (It’s not important)
Don’t you dare (Don’t do it)
Don’t you forget it (This is important to remember)
Don’t you get it? (Don’t you understand?)
Don’t you know?
Doormat (Somebody who is easily dominated or abused)
Do’s and Don’ts (Acceptable and unacceptable behavior)
Double-edged sword (Something that produces both good and bad results)
Double-take (A delayed response)
Dough (Money)
Down and out (Destitute, abandoned)
Down for the count (Nearly ruined or defeated)
Down in the mouth (Discouraged or depressed)
Down the drain (Failure, ruined)
Down the toilet (Failure, ruined)
Down the tubes (Failure, ruined)
Down to earth (Reasonable)
Dragging your heels (Moving slowly)
Drawing a blank (Failing to think of or remember something)
Drawing the line (Establishing a limit for bad behavior)
Driving the point home (Making a convincing argument)
Drop in the bucket (A very small percentage)
Drop in the ocean (A very small percentage)
Drop it! (Stop talking about it!)
Drop me a line (Communicate with me)
Dropped into your lap (Acquired or encountered something unexpectedly)
Dropped the ball (Failed to accomplish a given assignment)
Dropping a bombshell (Making a shocking announcement)
Dropping like flies (Failing or dying in large numbers)
Dry Run (A test or rehearsal prior to the main event)
Dry spell (Literally a time with no rain … Figuratively a time with low productivity)
Dumb as a box of rocks (Extremely unintelligent)
Dyed in the wool (Thoroughly, entirely)

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