Call a spade a spade  (Call something what it really is)
Call an ambulance!  (Contact emergency medical attendants)
Call it a day  (Quit working on something)
Call the cops!  (Contact the police)
Call the dogs off  (Tell your people to quit bothering somebody)
Call the fire department!  (Contact the emergency fire attendants)
Call the police!  (Contact law enforcement)
Call the shots  (Make the leadership decisions)
Called on the carpet  (Rebuked or yelled at)
Can I ask you something?
Can I get you anything?
Can I help you?
Can I make a suggestion?
Can I use the internet?
Can it!  (Be quiet)
Can of worms  (An unpleasant issue or problem)
Can you believe it?  (This is hard to believe, this is amazing)
Can you break a hundred?  (Can you give me change for a one hundred dollar bill?)
Can you give me a hand?  (Can you help me?)
Can you give me directions?  (Can you tell me how to get to a certain location?)
Can you help me?
Can you spare a dime?  (Would you give me some money?)
Canary in a coal mine  (Something or somebody to test the danger level of something)
Case by case basis  (Not done routinely)
Case in point  (A good example)
Cash cow  (Something that is producing large profits)
Cast a long shadow  (Have a lot of influence)
Cast aspersions  (Speak negatively about somebody)
Cast iron stomach  (A stomach that can eat almost anything with no problems)
Casting pearl before swine  (Offering valuable things to people who don’t appreciate them)
Cat got your tongue?   (Why are you silent?)
Cat nap  (A short nap)
Catch 22  (A dilemma with mutually conflicting conditions)
Catch hell  (Receive an angry response)
Caught red handed  (Discovered doing something wrong)
Caught with your hand in the cookie jar  (Discovered doing something wrong)
Certainly!  (Yes!)
Certainly not!  (No!)
Change of heart  (Reverse a decision)
Change your tune  (Change an opinion)
Changing horses in mid stream  (Changing leadership in the middle of a crisis)
Chasing rainbows  (Pursuing unrealistic goals)
Chew the fat  (To gossip or talk about unimportant things)
Childs play  (Something that is easy to do)
Chip off the old block  (Similar to his father)
Chip on your shoulder  (Angry and always looking for a fight)
Class act  (A person who displays good behavior)
Clean as a whistle  (Very clean, or no bad history)
Clean break  (To start a new life away from old friends and lifestyles)
Clear as a bell  (Very clear, understandable)
Clear as mud  (Not very clear, hard to understand)
Cliffhanger  (A suspenseful situation or game)
Close but no cigar  (Falling slightly short of the goal)
Close shave  (Nearly experiencing a disaster)
Close to your heart  (Something or somebody you care about deeply)
Cold feet  (Apprehension strong enough to prevent a planned course of action)
Cold shoulder  (Unfriendly behavior in a social setting)
Cold turkey  (To quit something completely and immediately)
Come clean  (To confess)
Come on  (Let’s go … or “please”)
Come on!  (“I don’t believe you”)
Come on in!  (Enter)
Come rain or come shine  (Regardless of circumstances)
Come what may  (Regardless of circumstances)
Comparing apples to apples  (Comparing things that are similar)
Comparing apples to oranges  (Comparing things that are not similar)
Connect the dots  (Solve a mystery by looking at all of the evidence)
Cooking the books  (Adjusting accounting numbers to mislead people)
Cool!  (Great!)
Couch potato  (A person who stays home and watches television)
Cover all the bases  (To assure that nothing is overlooked)
Crashing a party  (To appear without being invited)
Crocodile tears  (Crying to gain sympathy)
Cross my heart and hope to die  (I’m telling you the truth.)
Crunch time  (A crucial time during an event when you have to get results)
Crying wolf  (Claiming that something bad is happening when it isn’t)
Cut a rug  (Dance vigorously)
Cut to the chase  (Get to the important information)
Cut your losses  (To discontinue a course of action in a losing venture)

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