Baby boomer (A person born between 1946 and 1964)
Back to back (Two consecutive or facing opposite directions)
Back to square one (Starting over)
Back to the drawing board (Starting again with a new plan or idea)
Back to the salt mine (Returning to work)
Back to the wall (Nowhere to go or no good options)
Back up (Move backwards away from an object or go back to something discussed earlier)
Backing the wrong horse (Supporting the wrong team or candidate)
Backseat driver (Back seat passenger who gives directions or a person who gives unwanted advice)
Bad apple (A person who is a bad representation of a group of people)
Bad blood (Enmity, dislike, or distrust)
Bad hair day (A day when your hair doesn’t look good)
Bad taste in your mouth (A bad impression)
Baker’s dozen (Thirteen)
Ballpark figure (An estimate)
Banana republic (A Central American country whose economy is based on one product)
Barking up the wrong tree (Looking in the wrong place)
Barrel of laughs (A very funny person)
Basket case (Hysterical, having no composure)
Batten down the hatches (Prepare for a storm or difficulty)
Be patient (Don’t rush things)
Be polite (Use good manners and show respect or courtesy)
Be quiet (Don’t talk)
Be serious (Don’t act silly or Stop joking)
Be that as it may (Despite that)
Beat around the bush (Reluctant to discuss the important issue)
Beat the daylights out of him (Beat him severely)
Beat the rap (Avoid the consequences)
Beat them to the punch (Take action ahead of the opposition)
Beating a dead horse (To do or say something beyond a point that it’s necessary)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Different people view things  or other people differently)
Beauty is only skin deep (Outward beauty might conceal a bad personality)
Been there, done that (I’ve had that experience before)
Behave yourself (Act in a responsible or respectable manner)
Behind bars (In jail or prison)
Behind closed doors (In privacy)
Behind my back (Without my knowledge)
Behind the eight ball (In a difficult situation)
Belly up (Financial ruin)
Below the belt (An unfair attack)
Beside the point (Irrelevant)
Better half (Wife or girlfriend)
Better than a kick in the butt/pants/ass (Not ideal but better than nothing)
Between a rock and a hard place (No good options)
Big apple (New York City)
Big bucks (A large amount of money)
Big cheese (The person in charge)
Big Easy (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Big picture (The final objective or analysis without the details)
Bigger fish to fry (More important things to do)
Birdbrain (Unintelligent)
Birds and the bees (Sex education or “the facts of life”)
Birds of a feather flock together (Similar people tend to spend time together)
Birthday suit (Naked)
Bit by bit (Slowly occurring)
Bit the dust (Died)
Bite your tongue (Be quiet, don’t say that)
Bitter pill (An undesirable solution)
Bleeding heart (An overly sympathetic person)
Blessing in disguise (A bad situation that brings unexpected good results)
Blind leading the blind (A person who doesn’t understand trying to teach or guide others)
Blind-sided (Something that happens that was completely unexpected)
Blood is thicker than water (Family relationships are stronger than non-family relationships)
Blow your mind (Amaze you)
Blowing a gasket (Losing your temper)
Blowing off steam (Yelling and complaining)
Blowing smoke (Exaggerate)
Bone to pick (A complaint)
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth (From a wealthy family)
Bottom line (The important thing in a discussion)
Bought the farm (Died)
Bread and butter (The main source of income)
Breadwinner (The person who provides the largest income)
Break a leg (I wish you success)
Break ground (Begin building something)
Break the ice (Start a conversation)
Breathe new life into it (To make something appealing or productive again)
Breathing down my neck (Watching me too closely)
Bridge the gap (To connect two things or organizations)
Bright eyed and bushy tailed (Ready to work or do something)
Bring to the table (Come into a situation with certain abilities or experience)
Bringing home the bacon (Providing the income)
Broad strokes (A view without the details)
Broke even (Didn’t lose any money on a venture)
Broken heart (Sadness from the loss of a person or relationship)
Brought the house down (Received a great response from a crowd of people)
Brownie points (Favor gained by doing something good)
Brown-nosing (Trying to gain favor with the person in charge)
Bull market (A market where investment valuations are going up)
Bull-headed (Stubborn)
Bun in the oven (Pregnant)
Bundle of nerves (Nervous)
Burn rubber (Causing car tires to spin enough to cause smoke)
Burning question  (A question that you strongly desire to ask)
Burst your bubble (Present facts that will cause lower expectations)
Bury the hatchet (End contention or forgive each other)
Bury your head in the sand (Ignore important facts)
Busy as a bee (Very busy)
Butt naked (Completely unclothed)
Butt of a joke (The person that people are laughing at)
Butt ugly (Very ugly)
Butterfingers (A person who drops things)
Butterflies in your stomach (Nervousness)
Button your lip (Don’t talk)
Butts in the seats (A number of people in an audience)
By a whisker  (By a very close margin)
By and large (Usually, in most cases)
By heart (From memory)
By hook or by crook (By any means necessary)
By the book (By the written instructions)
By the numbers (By the written instructions)
By the same token (Another thing to consider)
By the seat of your pants (Without definite instructions)
By the skin of your teeth (By a very close margin)
By word of mouth (Without advertising, by people talking with other people)

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