A day late and a dollar short
A little bird told me (I heard it from an anonymous or unnamed source)
A month of Sundays (A very long period of time)
A penny for your thoughts (What are you thinking?)
A penny saved is a penny earned (Saving money is a wise practice)
A picture is worth a thousand words (An image has a more powerful impact than a verbal description)
A pretty penny (A large sum of money)
A rising tide lifts all boats (Everybody benefits when the economy is growing)
A rolling stone gathers no moss (Ambitious people will be better off than lazy people)
A tough row to hoe (A difficult task)
A watched pot never boils (Impatience makes things seems to take longer)
About face (Military term meaning “turn around”, also can mean changing your mind or plans)
Above board (In a legal, honest, or ethical manner)
Absolutely! (Yes!)
Absolutely not! (No!)
Across the board (Applying or pertaining to everybody)
Across the pond (Used by Americans and Brits to refer to each other’s location across the Atlantic Ocean)
Act of God (Something that occurs through nature like a hurricane or earthquake)
Act of war (Something that is viewed as sufficient cause to go to war)
Actions speak louder than words (What you do is more important than what you say)
Adam’s apple (Protrusion from a man’s throat)
Adding fuel to the fire (Making a bad situation worse)
Adding insult to injury (Making something worse than it is through humiliation)
Against the clock (Doing something with very little time to do it)
Against the grain (Contrary to your beliefs or principles)
Age before beauty (Allowing older people to go first, often used sarcastically)
Ahead of the curve (Performing better than the majority)
Ahead of the pack (Outperforming all others)
Ahead of time (Proceeding or completed ahead of schedule)
Airing your dirty laundry (Publicly discussing personal secrets or disputes)
Alive and kicking (Not dead as was probably presumed)
Alive and well (Same as “alive and kicking”)
All along (From the beginning)
All bark and no bite (Their words are threatening but their actions are harmless)
All bets are off (Conditions have changed which also changes the expected results)
All dressed up and no place to go (Prepared for something that isn’t going to happen)
All ears (Listening intently)
All hat and no cattle (Cowboy expression that means their appearance isn’t backed up by their substance)
All heart (Very kind, sympathetic, or compassionate)
All hell broke loose (Things became chaotic or unmanageable)
All in a day’s work (Normal activities or routine)
All in your head (Your just imagining it, or your fears aren’t consistent with the facts)
All of the above (Includes everything previously mentioned)
All over but the shouting (The outcome is not in doubt)
All over the map (Covering too many topics, or excessively changing plans or procedures)
All over the place (Disorganized or lacking focus)
All right (“Okay”, “I agree”, “I understand”, or “that’s good”)
All roads lead to Rome (There are many ways to get somewhere or achieve something)
All set (Ready to proceed)
All skin and bones (Very thin or emaciated)
All that glitters is not gold (Things often aren’t as good as they appear)
All the rage (Very popular or trendy)
All the tea in China (A large sum of money)
All thumbs (Clumsy or lacking dexterity)
All’s fair in love and war (There are no rules in this situation)
All’s well that ends well (If the results are good then don’t worry about what happened in getting those results)
Always the bridesmaid and never the bride (Often coming close but never achieving the goal)
Ambulance chaser (An attorney who solicits business from accident victims)
Amen to that (I agree)
An arm and a leg (A large amount of money)
An armchair quarterback (Somebody who criticizes others but never actually attempts to do what they do)
An ax to grind (Something to complain about, or something that causes resentment)
An old flame (A former boyfriend or girlfriend)
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (It’s better to prevent a problem than to try to solve it later)
And all that jazz (etc…. etc ….)
Answer me (Respond to what I said)
Ants in your pants (Anxious to do something, unable to remain still)
Any news? (Can you give me more information about the current subject?)
Any port in a storm (Any solution will be sufficient in an emergency)
Any thoughts? (What do you think?)
AOK (Quite well or very good)
Apparently (I agree, it seems so)
Apparently not (I disagree, it doesn’t seem so)
Apple of your eye (Your greatest desire or the greatest object of your affection)
Are you at home?
Are you busy? (Are you doing something?)
Are you crazy? (I don’t think that’s a good idea)
Are you free? (Are you busy? Do you have some time to talk or help me with something?)
Are you hungry?
Are you married?
Are you nuts? (Are you crazy? That’s a bad idea)
Are you okay? (Are you injured? Is something bothering you?)
Are you out of your mind? (Are you crazy? That’s a bad idea)
Are you ready?
Are you serious? (Is what you’re saying true?)
Armed to the teeth (Having a large amount of weapons and ammunition)
Around the clock (All day long)
As a rule (This is usually the way it happens, or generally speaking)
As cold as ice (Showing no emotion, passion, or compassion)
As cool as a cucumber (Not displaying fear or concern)
As far as I know (This is all the information I have)
As good as new (Used but in excellent condition, or sufficiently repaired after being damaged)
As the crow flies (Following a straight line from one location to another)
As you wish (I’ll do what you want me to do)
Asleep at the wheel (Not paying attention, or not being responsible)
At a loss for words (Lacking an explanation or adequate response)
At a snail’s pace (Very slowly)
At arm’s length (At a safe distance)
At bay (In a fighting or defensive position when surrounded)
At cross purposes (Having conflicting agendas or goals)
At death’s door (Close to dying)
At each other’s throats (Fighting, arguing, or feuding intensely)
At full throttle (As the greatest speed possible)
At large (Eluding law enforcement)
At loggerheads (Can’t agree on anything)
At my wit’s end (I don’t know what to say or do)
At odds (In disagreement, or having conflicting agendas or goals)
At the drop of a hat (In response to the most insignificant thing)
At the end of my rope (I have no more patience or strength)
At the end of the day (When the work is finished or your career is over)
At the fore (Foremost, leading, or in the front)
At the top of your lungs (As loud as possible)
At the top of your voice (As loud as possible)
Average Joe (The typical guy or average person)
Awe inspiring (Something that is amazing or extremely impressive)
Awesome! (“That’s great!” or “Wow!”)
AWOL (“Absent without leave” in the military, “their whereabouts are unknown” for civilians)

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