1) Geography – South America

Bryan: “John, can you name the countries in South America?”
John: “Well, let’s see. There’s Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru …. How many did I leave out?”
Bryan: “Well, in the north there’s Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana, then in the central part there’s Paraguay and Bolivia, and then in the south there’s Uruguay.”
John: “That’s pretty good, Bryan. Now can you name the capitals too?”
Bryan: “Let me think … Argentina is Buenos Aires, Brazil is Brasilia, Chile is Santiago, Peru is Lima, Venezuela is Caracas, and I think Colombia is Bogotá. That’s all I can remember.”
John: “Well that’s better than I could do.”

2) Geography – Europe

Bryan: “I’ve been reading a lot about Europe lately and it’s amazing how many different languages they speak.”
John: “It really is. They speak German in Germany and Austria, English in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland, Spanish in Spain, French in France and Belgium, Portuguese in Portugal, Italian in Italy, Polish in Poland, Czech in the Czech Republic, Greek in Greece and Albania …..”
Bryan: “And then there’s Scandinavia where they speak Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish.”
John: “Right. It must be difficult to travel and communicate with so many different languages.”
Bryan: “Well, a lot of people in Europe speak two or three languages. I guess they’re used to it.”
John: “But in America we’re not used to that, so when we travel to Europe we have problems if we go someplace where they don’t speak English.”
Bryan: “That’s because we don’t have a lot of countries near us that speak different languages like they have over there.”

3) Geography – Asia

John: “Have you ever been to Asia, Bryan?”
Bryan: “Well, I went to Japan when I was younger, but never to the mainland. Have you?”
John: “Yes. My family went to South Korea years ago, and my father was in Vietnam for awhile. But like most Americans I don’t know much about Asia because it’s so far away.”
Bryan: “That’s a shame, because there are so many interesting things in Asia like the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India, the Himalayan Mountains, and the Kremlin in Russia”
John: “Yes, but those things are all so far apart. It would take a lot of time to travel throughout Asia to see all of the fascinating sites.”
Bryan: “Do you think you’ll ever travel to those places?”
John: “I would like to. I’m saving my money now to go to Singapore. While I’m over there I will probably try to visit a couple of other countries.”
Bryan: “Well, let me know when you plan to go. I might want to tag along.”
John: “Okay.”

4) Geography – Africa

John: “Wow. I’ve been reading about Africa and I never knew there were so many countries there.”
Bryan: “The only countries I can think of are South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia.”
John: “Well don’t forget about the northwestern countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.”
Bryan: “Right, and I forgot about Sudan and Kenya.”
John: “So far we’ve named about ten countries, and there are at least thirty more.”
Bryan: “Isn’t that sad? We know so little about Africa.”
John: “Well, I know that Mount Kilimanjaro is somewhere in Africa, and the Nile river is in Egypt.”
Bryan: “And of course the Sahara desert runs through most of northern Africa.”

5) Geography – Australia

Bryan: “My friend Ken just took a trip to Australia. He has family over there.”
John: “Where in Australia did he go?”
Bryan: “Canberra, the capital city.”
John: “Canberra? Where’s that? ”
Bryan: “It’s about 150 miles southwest of Sydney.”
John: “I would love to go to Australia. I want to see the kangaroos, Koalas, and Tasmanian Devils.”
Bryan: “I would like to see the Aborigines in the outback.”
John: “It’s a big country, so there’s a lot of land in between Perth on the west coast and Brisbane and Sydney on the east coast.”
Bryan: “That’s true. There’s a lot of land to explore.”

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