1) Family – Wedding

John: “Bryan, did you know that my sister Ann is getting married?”
Bryan: “No I didn’t. When?
John: “Saturday, May 20th. The ceremony takes place in the chapel at Boston Avenue Methodist Church.”
Bryan: “That’s a great building. What role will you play in the wedding?”
John: “I’m going to be an usher. The best man will be her fiancé’s brother, and the maid of honor will be my sister’s friend Linda.”
Bryan: “I’ve never been a part of a wedding ceremony before.”
John: “Neither have I, so this will be my first time. I have to get a tuxedo that matches the rest of the groomsmen.”
Bryan: “Where are they going on their honeymoon?”
John: “I think they want to go to Las Vegas, but the wedding day is a couple of months away, so they still have some time to decide.”

2) Family – Baby

John: “My sister Ann just had a baby girl. They named her Elise.”
Bryan: “Congratulations! You’re an uncle! How does it feel?”
John: “It feels great! And my mom and dad are really excited to be grandparents, too.”
Bryan: “How big is the baby?”
John: “Seven pounds and ten ounces.”
Bryan: “So the baby and the mother are doing well?”
John: “Oh sure. Ann is feeling great and very happy to be a mother now. Her husband Tim is excited at being a dad, too. He was passing out cigars the other night when the baby was born.”
Bryan: “Do they plan to have more children?”
John: “Yes they do. They want a boy so that Elise will have a little brother.”
Bryan: “Well, they’re both young so they have plenty of time to have more kids.”
John: “That’s true.”

3) Family – Graduation

John: “Bryan, do you want to go to a baseball game Friday night?”
Bryan: “No, I can’t. My family is attending my sister’s graduation from the university.”
John: “Really? She graduating? That’s great!”
Bryan: “Yeah, we’re all very proud of her. She’s getting her bachelor’s degree in music.”
John: “Does she intend to get a job or work on her master’s?”
Bryan: “She hasn’t decided yet. She’ll probably work through the summer and decide in a month or two what she wants to do next.”
John: “Well, if she wants to teach on the university level she’ll need a master’s degree.”
Bryan: “That’s right, and she knows that. She just hasn’t decided if she wants to be a professor.”
John: “Well, I’m sure she’ll be able to make the right decision soon enough.”

4) Family – Church

Bryan: “John, what church does your family attend?”
John: “We go to Boston Avenue Methodist Church. Where does your family go?”
Bryan: “We go to First Presbyterian Church, but sometimes I go to Faith Baptist Church with some of my friends. My father is a deacon and my mother plays the piano for her Sunday School class and for choir rehearsals.”
John: “My dad works with the young boys in our church, and my mom is involved in our outreach program.”
Bryan: “What are you involved in?”
John: “I’m on the softball team and I also help with the Good Samaritan program where we assist the poor and elderly.”
Bryan: “That’s nice.”


5) Family – Piano lessons

John: “Bryan, is your sister Michelle taking piano lessons again this year?”
Bryan: “Yes she is. She’s working on a piano concerto by Tchaikovsky and some Mozart sonatas.”
John: “Who is her teacher?”
Bryan: “She studies with Andre Perault. He is an instructor at Midwestern University.”
John: “That’s great. Isn’t he the man who played with the Houston Symphony?”
Bryan: “That’s right. Some of the best pianists in the state have studied under him.”
John: “Does she play anything besides classical pieces?”
Bryan: “Of course. She plays show tunes and pop tunes, too. But since she’s majoring in classical studies she has to focus on the classical repertoire.”
John: “That’s understandable.”


6) Family – New House

Bryan: “ John, have you seen our new house? We just moved in last week.”
John: “No I haven’t. Where do you live now?”
Bryan: “We live at 1504 Atlantic Street. It’s the big house on the corner right across from the high school.”
John: “Those are nice houses over there. Do you like where you live now?”
Bryan: “I really do. It’s a two-story house with four bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, a large kitchen, a two-car garage, and a large back yard.”
John: “That’s great. How old is the house?”
Bryan: “Well, it was built twelve years ago, but of course it’s new for us since we’ve only been there a week.”


7) Family – Choosing a career/education path

John: “My father and I have been talking about my education. He wants me to study law but I want to study engineering.”
Bryan: “Well, what do you want to do, John?”
John: “I would like to work with aircraft and I think a degree in aeronautical engineering is my best path to a career like that.”
Bryan: “Why does your dad want you to study law, then?”
John: “Well, I think he feels that I will have more opportunities with a law degree than with an engineering degree, because the aircraft industry is so unstable.”
Bryan: “Well, I can understand that. Are you good at math? Engineers need good math skills.”
John: “Yes I am. I’ve always made good grades in math.”
Bryan: “Well then you might as well study engineering. Maybe you could minor in law in case you want to pursue that later on.”
John: “I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks for the suggestion.”
Bryan: “You’re welcome.”

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