1) Dining – Italian

Bryan: “John, do you like Italian food?”
John: “I sure do.”
Bryan: “What’s your favorite dish?”
John: “I love the Fettuccini Alfredo. The creamy sauce is delicious.”
Bryan: “I do too, but my favorite is the Manicotti. It’s a large baked tube of macaroni stuffed with a ricotta cheese filling.”
John: “Almost all Italian food is seasoned with garlic, and olive oil and cheese are included in most of the meals. And of course, tomato sauce.”
Bryan: “And they have so many kinds of cheese …. Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Ricotta … “
John: “Yes, and meats too, like salami, bologna, pastrami, and pepperoni.”
Bryan: “And their wines are great. And their breads … oh my gosh! Nobody makes better bread than the Italians.”
John: “We better stop. I’m getting hungry.”

2) Dining – Mexican

Bryan: “They just opened a new authentic Mexican Restaurant across the street. It’s called ‘Casa Manana’. My family ate there the other night.”
John: “Did you like it?”
Bryan: “Absolutely. They have chimichangas, fajitas, juevos rancheros, and of course the usual selection of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, rice and beans.”
John: “What about Margaritas and Sangria? Do they serve those too?”
Bryan: “They sure do. And their Margaritas are incredible. You should try one.”
John: “I believe I will. What about tostadas? Do they serve them with the meals too?”
Bryan: “Of course. What Mexican Restaurant doesn’t?”

3) Dining – American

Bryan: “I’m going to eat lunch at Luby’s today.”
John: “Luby’s? Is that a cafeteria?”
Bryan: “Yes, it is.”
John: “That sounds good. The nice thing about cafeterias is they have a wide selection of food there. You can have chicken, beef, or fish with a choice of two vegetables. I usually select mashed potatoes and green beans.”
Bryan: “Well I like the rice casserole and black eyed peas.”
John: “What kind of bread do you prefer?”
Bryan: “I always take the cornbread.”
John: “I like the garlic bread.”
Bryan: “That’s good, too. And for dessert I like the chocolate cake.”
John: “I like the cherry pie and the banana pudding.”

4) Dining – Fast food

John: “I’m going to go to McDonald’s. Do you want anything?”
Bryan: “Yeah. Get me a hamburger, a large order of French fries, and a coke.”
John: “Are you sure you don’t want to try their grilled chicken sandwich?”
Bryan: “No thanks. I like their burgers.”
John: “They say that burgers and fries have a lot of calories and bad cholesterol, and that they’re bad for your heart. Maybe you should try to eat a more healthy diet, Bryan.”
Bryan: “Maybe I will some day. But right now I’m young and healthy, so I don’t worry about it that much. I’ll probably start eating a lot more fruit and vegetables when I’m older.”

5) Dining – Chinese

Bryan: “John, do you ever eat in a Chinese restaurant?”
John: “Yes, every once in awhile. Why do you ask?”
Bryan: “Well, last night I went to eat at Peking Gardens, a Chinese restaurant near the mall. I ordered the chicken chow mien and tried to eat it with chopsticks and it was very difficult.”
John: “Oh, that’s the fun part of eating Chinese food …. Trying to get the hang of eating with chopsticks. It’s always funny to watch people who have trouble.”
Bryan: “Well last night I was the one having trouble, and everybody was laughing at me.”
John: “Well, it just takes practice. If you only do it once every few years you won’t be any good at it.”
Bryan: “I guess you’re right. I need to practice more.”

6) Dining – Japanese

John: “Bryan, have you ever been to a Japanese restaurant?”
Bryan: “No I haven’t. What are they like?”
John: “Well, first they take your order, and then the cook comes and prepares the food on a grill at the table. Usually the cooks are entertaining and they throw the food into the air and twirl their knives while they’re cooking. And they also pour oil on the fire to make the flames shoot up.”
Bryan: “That sounds dangerous.”
John: “Not really. They’re very skilled and professional.”
Bryan: “What food do they serve?”
John: “Japanese cuisine has lots of rice, noodles, and soup, and dishes made from fish, meat, vegetables, and tofu. They’re usually flavored with dashi, miso, and soy sauce. You can also order sushi if you want.”
Bryan: “What is sushi?”
John: “It’s a rice meal served with raw fish. It’s high in protein and low in fat which means it’s very nutritious.”
Bryan: “Raw fish? That doesn’t sound very appetizing.”
John: “Well, it’s an acquired taste.”

7) Dining – Barbecue

Bryan: “John, do you like barbecue?”
John: “Sure I do. I grew up in Texas. We ate barbecue a lot when I was growing up. I love barbecued ribs and beans.”
Bryan: “Well we’re having an outdoor barbecue at my parents’ house this weekend. My dad loves to cook on the grill. You’re welcome to come if you’d like.”
John: “Thanks, Bryan. I’d love to come. What do you want me to bring?”
Bryan: “Well, we’re providing the beef, so if you’d like to bring a vegetable dish like a salad, cole slaw, potato salad, or maybe baked beans that would be great. Or you could bring some soda or a dessert dish like a pie or cake.”
John: “Okay, I’ll probably bring a salad. When is the dinner?”
Bryan: “Saturday night at 6:00 PM.”
John: “Great. I’ll see you then.”

8) Dining – Cooking

John: “Bryan, do you do much cooking?”
Bryan: “I do a little. Sometimes I make meatloaf or pasta. What about you?”
John: “I’m a pretty good cook. My mom taught me how to bake cakes, cookies, and pies. I’m also pretty good at making breakfast dishes like omelets and eggs benedict.”
Bryan: “Maybe you could show me how to cook like that sometime.”
John: “I’d be happy to. While I’m at it, I’ll show you how to make potatoes au gratin, spaghetti and meatballs, tuna casserole, or maybe some quiche.”
Bryan: “Great. Do you have a barbecue grill?”
John: “Yes I do.”
Bryan: “That’s good. I’ll show you how I prepare steaks and shrimp.”
John: “All right!”

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