1) Church – Youth Group

: “Bryan, did you hear about the retreat coming up next month in Collinsville?”
Bryan: “No I didn’t. Tell me about it.”
John: “Well, they’re going to have races, a zip line, volleyball, and of course some great music.”
Bryan: “That sounds like fun. Do they have a guest speaker for the night services?”
John: “Yes they do. It’s David Harper, the man who started the Youth for Truth organization a few years ago.”
Bryan: “I’ve heard of him. I can’t wait to go.”
John: “Well, you better register now. They expect a good turnout.”
Bryan: “How much does it cost?”
John: “$75 per person. That covers the cost of food, the bus ride to the retreat, and two nights lodging. It’s a good deal.”
Bryan: “It sure sounds like it.”


2) Church – Social

: “I just heard about the Valentine Banquet coming up next month. They said the singer will be Martha Davis.”
John: “Oh, she’s great. I saw her on television a few weeks ago.”
Bryan: “Yeah, and I think our youth minister will be the guest speaker.”
John: “Louis Pratt? I like him. He’s funny.”
Bryan: “Yeah, and the kids really like him.”
John: “That’s important.”
Bryan: “I’ll have to see if Mary wants to go. I’m sure she will but I don’t want to buy the tickets until I know for sure.”
John: “Well, since I don’t have a girlfriend right now I’ll need to find somebody to take.”
Bryan: “How about Heather? She’s not dating anybody.”
John: “I was thinking about Diane. We went out once before and it seemed to go well. But if she doesn’t want to go I’ll call Heather.”
Bryan: “That sounds like a good plan.”



3) Church – Sermon

: “I really enjoyed the sermon on pride that the pastor gave today. I think that’s an important message.”
Bryan: “I think so too. We all need to remember that pride goes before a fall. So many people have let their ego ruin their judgment to the point that they destroy themselves.”
John: “I agree. But pride not only causes you to do bad things, it can also keep you from doing the right thing like apologizing or admitting that you’re wrong.”
Bryan: “That’s true. I hate to admit when I’m wrong.”
John: “So do I. I think everybody does. But you know what they say. Confession is good for the soul.”



4) Church – Sunday School

: “Our Sunday School class has been studying the book of Exodus, where the Israelites left slavery in Egypt.”
John: “Ours is studying the book of Acts. That tells the story of the early Christian church.”
Bryan: “That’s what I like about Sunday School. You have the opportunity to do more bible study and get to know the people you’re studying with.”
John: “That’s right. You can’t study as much in the main church service, and since the only one talking is the pastor you don’t get to know other people very well.”
Bryan: “And we also have a time to just mingle with the other class members and eat donuts and drink coffee.”
John: “Sometimes that’s the best part.”



5) Church – Children

: “The children in our church are doing a play. It’s about David and Goliath.”
Bryan: “That’s great. I would love to see it. Who is going to play Goliath?”
John: “They’re getting an older boy named James Reese who is much taller than the others.”
Bryan: “And who is playing David?”
John: “Jeffery McCain. He has been practicing using a sling shot so that he can do the scene where he slays the giant.”
Bryan: “I’m glad to know he is taking his acting so serious. Are there other children involved in the play?”
John: “Of course. They have several others to play the Israelites.”
Bryan: “Great. When is the performance?”
John: “Next Sunday night at 6:00 PM.”
Bryan: “I’ll be there.”



6) Church – Choir

: “Are you singing in the choir on Sunday, Bryan?”
Bryan: “I don’t know. I missed rehearsal this week. What are we singing?”
John: “It’s all songs you’ve sung before … ‘A Mighty Fortress’, ‘Beautiful Savior’, and ‘This is the Day’. ”
Bryan: “Well, I could probably remember the tenor part to that okay. If the choir director will let me sing I’ll do it.”
John: “Well, Mr. Thompson likes for his choir members to make it to rehearsal, but he understands that sometimes people have other commitments that prevent them from doing so.”
Bryan: “That’s good. I think you have to be flexible when you’re working with volunteers like you have in a church. Are you going to sing on Sunday?”
John: “Of course. I love singing bass in the choir. I never miss. But then, my schedule isn’t as full as yours is these days.”
Bryan: “Lucky for you.”

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