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I’m Rodney Preston.  I was born and raised in the United States of America and have been speaking English for fifty years.  Although my background is in information technology, I was always good with English and have enjoyed writing and teaching on the subject.  I have written a series of eBooks on achieving fluency in English that you can buy on Amazon.  I also have YouTube videos available to help you improve your English pronunciation and comprehension.   When I’m not working on my website or my eBooks I enjoy playing my guitar or exercising at the nearest fitness center.  I started this website in 2009 after tutoring a young Brazilian man in English and discovering the enormous demand worldwide for English skills and English instruction.

English Audios is an English teaching site designed around the belief that people learn best by reading, hearing, and repeating the language that they want to learn.  With over 15,000 audio clips of English words, expressions, and sentences there’s enough here to study for years until you reach fluency.


Rodney Preston

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